New 2019 State Legislators

On November 6th, 2018 voters went to the polls and elected in the new California State Assembly and Senate for the 2019-2020 session.

The national trend of a “blue wave” was seen in the California State Legislature with the Democrats reclaiming a super-majority in the Senate and expanding their super-majority in the Assembly.

With Democrats controlling super-majorities in both houses and the Governorship, they will not have to engage Republicans to raise taxes, suspend legislative rules or override vetoes. Time will tell to see how the dynamic emerges within the Legislature if moderate Democrats become a check on a more progressive agenda.

The eight new Legislators in the Assembly and the nine new Legislators in the Senate have diverse backgrounds and come to the Legislature with their own policy priorities.

The Legislature is working quickly to introduce legislation by the deadline on February 22nd. CBHDA is working hard to engage these new members and ensure that behavioral health is a priority.

Please see full memo here for more detailed information.

 CBHDA is #HereForYou

 Tyler Rinde

Legislative Analyst

Tyler RindeCBHDA