County Spotlight: Placer Whole Person Care Program

Ellen was staying at a local homeless shelter. 

Skip had been homeless on and off for years.

Karly suffered from agoraphobia and depression which led to excessive drinking.

All three of these individuals enrolled into the Placer County Whole Person Care program and through their hard work and the guidance of dedicated case managers they are now all stably housed.

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Geoffrey SmithCBHDA
It feels like….

“Depression must surely be the first cousin to hell on earth, for in the midst of suffering, the soul often feels hopeless and separated from God.”—Dr. Beverly Yahnke

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David BartleyCBHDA
New 2019 State Legislators

On November 6th, 2018 voters went to the polls and elected in the new California State Assembly and Senate for the 2019-2020 session. The national trend of a “blue wave” was seen in the California State Legislature with the Democrats reclaiming a super-majority in the Senate and expanding their super-majority in the Assembly.

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Tyler RindeCBHDA
National Mentoring Month

The word “mentor” often generates images of a guide, teacher or instructor. Pop culture icons like Yoda, Mr. Miyagi or Marry Poppins may come to mind. These are great examples of mentors. One thing they all have in common is that they built personal relationships with their mentees.

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April JohnsonCBHDA
CBHDA Wraps on Successful Policy Forum

This conference brought together leaders in the Behavioral Health field, health care association leaders, political leaders, and behavioral health consumers from around California for an open dialogue to discuss the issues facing our state and nation, and to develop strategies to move forward key policy changes within the mental health and substance use fields.

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Max GeideCBHDA
Making Connections Matter

The California Hospital Association hosted the 13th annual Behavioral Health Symposium in Riverside, California, on December 10-11th. The Symposium’s theme this year was “Making Connections Matter.” This theme was expressed throughout the conference with each panelist taking it to heart.


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Tyler RindeCBHDA
Foster 2 Forever

To honor National Adoption Awareness Day, I can think of no better use of my time than to participate in The Calling Out of Names of Children Who Wait. This vigil brings attention to the over 34,000 children, some of whose names have been read repeatedly year after year, who will continue to grow up in the foster care system because they have not yet found their forever family.

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Robb LayneCBHDA
Medicaid Expansions Approved by Voters

Voters in Idaho, Nebraska and Utah, three traditionally Republican electorates, approved Medicaid expansions in last week’s mid-term elections. These positive outcomes for Medicaid expansion show the divide within the Republican party about the expansion, which is a cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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Mary AdèrCBHDA
3...2...1...We Have Lift Off!

The visions of the County Behavioral Health Directors Association of California are getting bigger and better, and that includes our website. This brand-new platform allows us to provide a clear message of who we are, what we champion, and where our values lie when we step up to fight for California’s Counties and the Behavioral Health Community at large. Stop by and take a look!

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Max GeideCbhda