Andrea Porter, Director, Operations and Human Resources

A team member at CBHDA since October 2007, Andrea provides oversight and management of the Association operations, human resources functions and provides support to the Executive Director with contract management, accounting contractor liaison, and administrative management functions.  She also serves as the Clerk of the Board providing the Governing Board and Executive Board with communications, project management, and Bylaws adherence.  She oversees the CBHDA member website, manages the Association calendar and provides staff support services and training.  Andrea enjoys interacting with the CBHDA members and in supporting the important work on behalf of the county behavioral health directors in California.


Phone: (916) 556-3477 ext. 1105


Previous Employers

Andrea has over 30 years of business experience in the hospitality industry, sales and marketing and in small business management.


Awards/Achievements/Community Service

National Council Mental Health First Aid USA Course

Volunteer at River City Christian Worship and Homeless Outreach Projects


CBHDA Committees

Executive Committee

Governing Board