County Behavioral Health Directors Association of California

Representing the public behavioral health systems for California counties


Small Counties

Mission Statement

Thirty-three small California county mental health directors have banded together within the organizational structure of CBHDA to participate in joint-risk pools, to fund training and staff development opportunities, and to advocate for equitable funding on behalf of small county mental health programs.

The mission of the CBHDA Small Counties Committee is to provide a forum for small counties to review, discuss and make recommendations to the CBHDA Governing Board on issues that that have a unique meaning to small county mental health departments including, staffing issues, training and financial concerns. The rural nature and geographic expanse of many of these counties reflects the diversity of needs and resources in California, and the Small Counties Committee assures that this diversity is recognized and valued as an important component of the mental health system in California.

The Small Counties Committee has developed a number of position papers advocating for adequate resources and reduced administrative burden for the member counties who are challenged to meet the statewide requirements of a complicated mental health system.

Small Counties Committee Handouts (link)

Committee Leadership

  • Robin Roberts, MFT, Chair – Mono County
  • Dean True, RN, MPA, Co-Chair – Shasta County
  • Gail Zwier, PhD, Co-Chair – Inyo County