County Behavioral Health Directors Association of California

Representing the public behavioral health systems for California counties


Medi-Cal Policy

Mission Statement

The Medi-Cal Policy Committee was established by the CBHDA Governing Board to review and monitor all aspects of counties’ responsibilities associated with the Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health managed care program, and to make recommendations to the Governing Board regarding policy and implementation. Committee membership includes representatives of CBHDA-member counties, quality assurance coordinators, representatives from the state Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), and other CBHDA committees. The committee meets monthly, with an agenda developed in consultation with DHCS, that focuses on current issues related to the role of counties in the Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health managed care program.

Medi-Cal Policy Committee Handouts (link)


Committee Leadership

  • Uma Zykofsky, LCSW – Co-Chair, Sacramento County
  • Steve Steinberg, LCSW – Co-Chair, Riverside County
  • Linnea Koopmans, MSW – CBHDA Senior Policy Analyst –
  • Paula Wilhelm, MPP/MPH – CBHDA Senior Policy Analyst –
  • Heather Anders – CBHDA Membership Services Manager –