County Behavioral Health Directors Association of California

Representing the public behavioral health systems for California counties



CBHDA Offices

2125 19th Street, 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: 916.556.3477
Fax: 916.446.4519

Parking is available in the parking lot on 19th Street between U and V Streets; if you have additional questions about parking, please feel free to call our office.

Staff Directory

  • Kirsten Barlow, MSW
    Executive Director
    916.556.3477, Ext. 1108
  • Michele Bennyhoff, MPH
    Deputy Executive Director
    916.556.3477, Ext. 1112
  • Tom Renfree
    Deputy Director, Substance Use Disorder Services
    916.556.3477, Ext. 1121
  • Mary Adèr, MPP, MPH
    Deputy Director, Legislative Affairs
    916.556.3477, Ext. 1152
  • Linnea Koopmans, MSW
    Senior Policy Analyst
    916.556.3477, Ext. 6018
  • Heather Anders
    Membership Services Manager
    916.556.3477, Ext. 1119